Recyclable Items that You May Have Overlooked

If you’re constantly looking for things to recycle, the chances are high that there are things right under your nose that you never thought you could recycle. Instead of just separating the aluminum from the plastic, opt to start recycling your more unique items that you normally just toss in the trash can.

Your Receipts

You might find yourself continually shoving receipts into a tax folder or tossing them in the trash, but you might Read the rest of this entry »

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint with Green Energy

In recent decades, the energy industry has seen a boom in renewable energy production as people have begun to see the value in creating a cleaner, greener, healthier planet. Now in many areas on the United States you have the option to purchase green energy.
Green energy is created through renewable resources such as the wind or sunlight. Both of these resources are infinitely available throughout the world, not to mention powerful. Capturing the energy from these resources is a clean way to power the world, because it produces little-to-no pollution.
Discover your green energy options
You can buy solar panels or even small scale wind turbines to create your own energy at home. Simply install some solar panels on your roof or mount a turbine in your yard to start capitalizing on the earth’s natural resources. With enough power, you could go completely off the grid and eliminate your home’s carbon footprint altogether.
Despite the many benefits of creating your own green energy, it can be very expensive. Fortunately, it’s not the only way to get green energy. Billions of dollars have been invested in wind farms and solar arrays in an initiative to increase the amount of renewable energy used in America. Because of that, you can purchase green energy from a electricity supplier at Some suppliers even offer rates that offset up to 100 percent of your home’s energy use.
Another eco-friendly option is to buy renewable energy credits. These credits allow you to purchase an amount of green energy, usually a megawatt, to replace a unit of brown energy on the grid. Brown energy comes from the burning of fossil fuels, such as coal or oil, and is very harmful for the environment. By purchasing renewable energy credits, you could save the earth from carbon dioxide emissions that lead to climate change and pollution.
No matter what kind of renewable energy you choose to buy, one thing is certain: Purchasing green energy is an excellent way to reduce your carbon footprint and make the world a better place.

Reduce Stress: Bicycle More and Drive Less

Driving from place to place can be very stressful. The many causes of driving stresses include traffic, the cost of gas and bad drivers. Driving can cause even more stress if you are in a hurry and have to drive in rush-hour traffic. A great solution to the pressures of driving back and forth to work or on errands is to ride a bicycle.

By choosing to ride a bicycle instead of driving, you don’t have to worry about traffic. You Read the rest of this entry »

Save Energy with a Programmable Thermostat

Replacing your thermostat with a programmable one is a great way to save energy. These thermostats offer you the convenience of setting your thermostat according to your family’s schedule. This means when you are away from home, your HVAC system can be adjusted. There is no need to comfortably heat and cool your home if it is empty. Of course, if you have pets inside your home you will want the temperature to be comfortable. When you are away from home, choose a Read the rest of this entry »

Build a Compost Bin

Building a compost bin is a great way to put green-friendly theory into practice. A sturdy compost bin will help reduce the amount of organic material that would normally be wasted in a landfill.

By composting old newspapers, vegetable scraps, yard waste and other organic byproducts, you can produce nutrient-rich humus. Home gardeners consider humus one of the best ways to naturally fertilize lawns, flowers and vegetable crops. If you do not wish to use the humus yourself, give it to a friend or neighbor who gardens.

It Read the rest of this entry »

Maintaining a Worm Bin for Fast and Easy Compost

When you are thinking about composting but you are not sure about committing to a barrel or a large pile in the yard, think about a worm bin. A worm bin can be kept easily on the porch or even underneath the sink, and you’ll find that it can be a great source of compost for a small garden.

When you are putting together a worm bin, make sure that you start with redworms. Redworms are the ones that produce the most compost in the shortest amount of time. Do not simply go out and gather the first worms Read the rest of this entry »

Government Incentives for Installing Solar Panels

Home and property owners that are interested in using solar power equipment to meet some, or even all, of their needs will be delighted to know that there are many incentive programs that may be able to offset the costs of their investment. Choosing to make use of clean-energy alternatives, such as solar power, can be an important way to address the current energy crisis, one that could save you a significant sum on your monthly electric or utility bills. Enjoying a little financial assistance when it Read the rest of this entry »